Open Source

My first experience with open source software was when a friend in 6th Form recommended the Battle for Wesnoth game. Though the game was great; what I really enjoyed was the community. Being able to unleash creativity through modding the game was actually encouraged. Though I didn't realise it until way later; this was my first experience of the bazaar style of development.

Battle for Wesnoth

Within about a year of starting to play Wesnoth, I ended up picking up a pixel art animation. I can't say that I am natually artistic but pixel art allowed me to work in a confined area and doing animations meant that I could build on existing artwork.


In the winter of 2011, I went to Brussels for the FOSDEM conference. I volulenteered to help set up the event and moderate some of the talks in the main track - I can still be seen sporting my fancy XXL orange volulenteer t-shirt from time to time.