Image processing and computer vision is a facisnating field of computer science. With the rise of machine learning methods such as convolutional nueral networks, this field will surely grow. However, it's a field that's quite difficult to get into and one that seems to have spares guides, unless you were lucky to take a course during university. I came to image processing/computer vision without any formal training. My education was my supervisor, Hannah Dee, OpenCV and google!

Where I struggled was with visualising what was happening to an image. A lot of the guides showed the original image, the filter you applied to it, then the result. But not the in-between steps in an animation. That's my aim of this guide.

For our sample image, we're going to use an image of the awesome Grace Hopper - typically in Computer Vision/Image processing papers you'll see the famous Lena, but when I decided to write this it's International Women's Day, and I don't particularly fancy using a Playboy model, so we're using the mother of high-level languages instead, Rear Admiral Grace Hopper (figure 1)