Alexander D Brown

I work as a CICS developer for IBM in the Hursley lab, specialising in Java and JVM technologies, including OSGi and the WebSphere Liberty runtime, embedded in CICS TS for z/OS, working to support Eclipse Microprofile 1.2, Java EE 7 and Java EE 6.

Prior to IBM, I studied at software engineering Aberystwyth University, and published a paper at the 8th International Symposium on Image and Signal Processing Analysis (ISPA) in the field of digital analysis of art.


I work as a CICS developer for the CICS TS for z/OS product in the IBM Hursley labs. My work is predominantly focused on testing Java EE features in a CICS Liberty JVM server environment, but recently has branced into development and analytics.

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In 2009 I started a BSc Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at Aberystwyth. At the end of my second year my grades were high enough to be able to switch onto MEng Software Engineering (integrated BSc and MSc).

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Open Source

I'm a firm supporter of open source software and, even though my job makes it difficult to contribute to projects. In the past I have contributed art to the Battle for Wesnoth project and have volenteered at the FOSDEM conference.

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Image Processing (WIP)

Haven published a paper in the field of image proces, I'm working on some guides to learning Image Processing visually. Very much work in progress currently, but check back every now and again for updates.

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Nueral Networks

A simple JavaScript neural network implementation to investigate how neural networks work. Not designed as production code, but a useful little demo to see the choices a nueral network makes.

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